4th Grand Prix half marathon Yule 2015

OK! So first post of new year = ) I want to write about how I participated in “last year’s” 4th Grand Prix half marathon Yule 2015. It was held on the last Sunday of the 2015 year, in the small town of Vyshhorod. As with all such events, it was sponsored in part by Red Bull.

Sponsored by Red Bull. Start of 4th Grand Prix half marathon Yule 2015.

There were 2 events one could participate in. The half marathon distance of 21.1km, and the “double-mini” distance of 8.4km. I competed in the “double-mini” event, running for the first time in a competition!

15 seconds into the start. You can see that dogs also competed = )
That's me!

The event Yule 2015 was very high spirited! One of it’s main themes was to wear new year’s holiday costumes. For example there were several Santa Clauses spotted running = ) Many people wore small attributes. For example, masks or colored hair wigs.

Almost everyone was smiling as they ran.
Some even performed a little dance while passing by the camera!

Overall, I placed 26-th in the 8.4km “double-mini” distance. I am proud of the result, and hope to compete in other events in the 2016 year!!!

My official results.

You can check out all of the results at the official site.