It seems that I have lost my ability to work. It is as though there is no more motivation that drives me forward.

Right now I am listening to Glinka piano music. The musical pieces are simple and very Russian. Rachmaninoff once quoted Tchaikovsky saying,

Glinka is like an acorn from which all of Russian music has sprung up.

I need to get back to taking pleasure from simple things. Simple things like the short polka for children composed by Glinka. Listening to full blown Rachmaninoff piano concertos has spoiled me to some extent. After I have heard them for more than a dozen of times, I started to feel like I have reached and glimpsed the top most level of perfection. As if I have reached the end. There is nothing more.

But this is wrong on so many levels. Life is infinitely more complex than the Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano concerto. I must return back to the basics. Simple, elegant, music pieces.

This philosophy of simplicity can then be transferred to the rest of my life.

The complex can be left for special occasions. I should rarely listen to the very advanced. Just to wet my appetite. Maybe separate each advance piece by 20 or 30 simple, easy to listen to, pieces.

OK! So it has been decided. I will create a music library that will consist of:

  1. 400 - 500 short, simple piano pieces.
  2. 40 - 50 long, hard piano pieces.
  3. 4 - 5 full piano concertos.

It’s funny how I have begun this article with thoughts about my inability to work, and concluded with a plan to create a musical collection consisting of piano pieces. Lately piano has been on my mind.

PS: I am so very excited that I have finally fixed my laptop keyboard. Typing has become so smooth and care-free! I did this on Wednesday by simply trying to “rip” out the keyboard. I did not even bother to shutdown Linux. I was looking at a YouTube video that showed how someone was replacing a keyboard on a laptop. In the end I did not manage to take out the keyboard because it is actually fixated to the laptop by screws which have to be unscrewed on the back. However, I did succeed in bending the top of the keyboard ever so slightly, so that when I pushed it back in, all the keys that were getting stuck before, now started to function properly. So now I am just enjoying the typing. As I type now, I have the feeling as if my fingers are little knifes that are passing through warm butter.